How Long Do ASIC Miners Last?

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced vet, the lifetime of your ASIC hardware is an important consideration. Mining demands a lot out of ASIC machines, but if you have a high quality machine they are often built to last.

However, there are workaround to overclock your ASIC to get more power out of them but the tradeoff is that it shortens the machines lifespan.

The average lifespan of a well kept, maintained machine can be around 3–5 years, although that can be extended even longer with the right maintenance in place.

Some mining farms still have ASIC models dating back from 2016, brands like the Antminer and Whatsminer can last over 5 years if they are well maintained in a good facility.

However, when ASIC’s are overclocked or kept in poorly ventilated areas, in unfavourable conditions — the lifespan can be cut to a handful of months.

Some factors that can cut the lifespan of an ASIC are:
— Poor ventilation or cooling

  • Humidity
  • Extremely cold or hot temperatures
  • Inconsistent monitoring or maintenance

Take a look at this example of a poorly kept ASIC.

Under these conditions it’s unlikely they last more than a year.


A low hash rate of an ASIC is not the only consideration, some are taken offline because of their low profitability which varies depending on the Bitcoin network’s difficulty and price. When the price of Bitcoin goes down, the less profitable ASIC’s go offline — while when Bitcoin price goes up, even the slower ASICs come back to life.




Making crypto mining hashpower a tradeable commodity. Built by Titan Mining. Visit us on

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Lumerin Protocol

Making crypto mining hashpower a tradeable commodity. Built by Titan Mining. Visit us on

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