Titan Protocol Highlights from Bitcoin 2021

Lumerin Protocol
2 min readJun 8, 2021


Earlier this week at Bitcoin Miami 2021, we had our CEO Ryan Condron give a powerful lecture on the future of renewable energy in Bitcoin — the support at the conference was strong!

“We don’t want China to ban mining, we need Chinese mining, just like we need European and North American mining for the Bitcoin network to be distributed globally.
We see that migration happening into North American and it is better for the Bitcoin network.”

-Russell Cann, Core Scientific

With Titan Protocol, not only is purchasing hash rate a passive investment, but at the same time — users are decentralizing control of hash power by using our decentralized routing layer to move hash power around.

Titan protocol is translating electricity into hash rate, essentially creating a whole new global commodity

Centralization happens when there is cheap electricity, stable infrastructure and favourable government policy.

Though we can’t separate where mining is done — we can separate the where hash rate is distributed, thus a decentralization of control.

Through binding ASIC machines to NFT’s, the hash rate and control can be fully decentralized in a provable, global manner.

Rather than selling to the electricity grid, you can sell to the hash rate grid. Any surplus in hash rate can be converted back to electricity and any surplus of electricity can be converted to hash rate. In this way it becomes a global credit.

Not only is purchasing hash rate a passive investment, but users are also aiding in the decentralization of hash power and a brighter future for crypto.



Lumerin Protocol

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